We See Health & Safety and Human Resources Differently

We believe that Human Resources and Workplace Health & Safety should be effective and customized to the individual needs of a company.

By listening and taking the time to properly understand our clients’ needs, our goal of DELIVERING A POSITIVE RETURN ON YOUR SAFETY INVESTMENT is achieved.

Safety Works Consulting Profile

Safety Works Consulting is a service-oriented Consulting firm lead by Ellaline Davies, President. For over 15 years we’ve been helping businesses in ALL sectors go from ‘no’ safety to ‘complete’ safety.

Every company is unique. Every company is special.

Safety is NOT a ‘one size fits all’ proposition.

We need to work with you to develop the best health and safety program that suits your needs, not those of your competition.

Before we start the process, we need to conduct a gap analysis of your current system. After all, you may have some great things in place that we can work with.

Why Safety Works Consulting?

We know that you might already have SOME safety in place. We also know that every company is unique and this makes your organization different from your competition.

Customized training, our specialty, makes learning a worthwhile experience for all participants.

We are pleased to work with companies who have existing programs in place or with companies that need a *custom* program developed.

We network with several government organizations to make sure that you are always current on changes to legislation.

If you require training specific to your company, we can do this for you.

We are an Approved WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program Provider! Click here for more information.

Our Strengths

As a health and safety consulting business, we know that you have a lot of other companies to choose from when sourcing out safety partners.

What Makes Safety Works Consulting Different:

  • Attention to detail
  • Professional Auditor on staff - Registered WITH Exemplar Global:  ISO45001 Lead Auditor & ISO45001 Lead Management Consultant, WorkWell, COR, WSIB HSMS Review
  • Clear understanding of the development, implementation, assessment and evaluation of Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Every company matters, regardless of size
  • High level of competency delivery with the WSIB Safety Group Program requirements for 15 + years
  • Facilitator and trainer on staff

How Safety Works Consulting Helps
Companies Just Like Yours

  • WSIB Approved Health and Safety Excellence Provider
  • Injury Management Assistance
  • CCA Gold Seal Course Training
  • Custom Policy Development
  • Training Document Preparation
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